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consistent five-star service is finally achievable

Make customer experience your competitive edge


Take convenience to the next level

a personal butler in every room


fast reliable service 24/7

A virtual butler is always ready


Alexa, ask butler
to bring fresh towels

Alexa, ask butler
to help with luggage

Your guests will love ordering through Virtual Butler

their voice is powerful


Play your
favorite music

Ask butler for
room service

Ask butler to
have car ready

Order amenities

Exceed Customer Expectations Every Time

Lead all hotels by integrating the latest technology

Improve your customer service

We believe Hotels need to make you feel like royalty. When you visit a Hotel, you should feel important, powerful, rich. Instead of asking for something, you should just say it and it will be done. Rather than waiting to be served, others should be waiting to serve you.

Virtual Butler in every room 24/7

Smart Hotel makes all this possible with a Virtual Butler in every room. Whether you want to order amenities, room service, get the WiFi password, or any general information about the hotel and near-by events your Virtual Butler is always available to provide five-star service.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Smart Hotel Virtual Butler is an innovative custom-built skill deployed on Amazon Echo. We enable hotel guests to order services and answer questions just by talking to Alexa, without ever picking up the phone and waiting in line. Our service captures all the incoming requests from each room and displays them to the dashboard where they can be tracked and managed by the hotel employees.

Room Service

Order a bottle of champagne without ever picking up the phone


Ask butler to deliver shampoo and fresh towels


Let butler be your personal guide for local attractions and answer any questions about your hotel


Stream your favorite music to set the right mood for any occasion

Improve Quality of Service

Track every order to ensure your guests’ needs are met. Assign orders to more employees as workload increases in a given department.

Lead Innovation

Make your hotel the buzz of the town with cutting edge technology that will amaze your guests and inspire them to return for more.

Elevate Your Brand

Program your virtual butler to meet your service level and match your brand. You are in full control of every response and every action the butler takes.

Increase Productivity

Shift every department into high gear by streamlining each incoming request and assign tasks to each employee to work as efficiently as an assembly line.

Gain Visibility

Gain visibility into every guest’s experience, department workload, and employee productivity. Check how each order is fulfilled and generate reports to measure the quality of service.

Empower Your Employees

Give your employees the tools they need to know exactly what is expected of them to serve the guests promptly and efficiently. They will feel more motivated with each order they complete.

How It Works

Step 1. Install Echo in Hotel Room

Install Amazon Echo in every room with the Virtual Butler customized for your hotel.

Step 2. Guests Ask Butler for Room Services

Guests can use voice commands to order room service, amenities, set reminders, play music, etc.

Step 3. Fulfill Incoming Orders

Your staff manages all incoming orders using your existing property management system (PMS) or our dashboard

Order Dashboard and Reports

Give your employees the tools they need to track and manage every order in real-time. As a manager, you get full access to reports to show your progress.


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