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Is there something missing from your room?

“Alexa — ask hotel butler to bring me towels and soap”

Room Amenities

Do you need extra pillows or some clean towels? Do you want to surprise your loved one with some champagne and flowers?

“Alexa — ask hotel butler to order a bottle of champagne and fresh flowers.”

In-Room Dining

Are you hungry? Give our hotel butler your order and have it delivered to your room.

“Alexa — ask hotel butler to make me a well-done cheeseburger with no lettuce and extra cheese”


Is there something broken in the room?

“Alexa — tell hotel butler my shower head is broken”

Maintenance Extended

Is there something wrong in your room? Tell hotel butler what the issue is and we will contact maintenance.

“Alexa — tell hotel butler my tv doesn’t work”

Bellman Assistance

Is your luggage too heavy?

“Alexa — tell hotel butler: my luggage is too heavy”

Luggage Assistance Extended

Did you pack more than you can carry? With the Virtual Butler in every room, just ask for help and someone will be right up.

“Alexa — ask hotel butler to help me with my luggage”


Do you need to use hotel laundry and dry cleaning service?

“Alexa — tell hotel butler my laundry is ready for pickup”


Do you want your car to be ready by a certain time? You don’t have to wait for your car to be pulled up front for you. It should be ready when you get there.

“Alexa — ask hotel butler to get my car ready in 10 minutes”

Help with Valet

Do you need help with speaking the right commands? Use our help feature to guide you to what you need and give you the right commands.

“Alexa — ask hotel butler for help”


Would you like to make a dinner reservation? And maybe a relaxing spa after.

“Alexa — ask hotel butler to make me a dinner reservation”

Wake Up Call

Do you need someone to wake you up for that important meeting in the morning? Let our hotel butler handle it.

“Alexa — tell hotel butler I want a wake up call”

Call Back

Would you like to speak with customer service? Ask hotel butler to connect you right away.

“Alexa — tell hotel butler I want to speak with customer service”

Enabling Features

Managers can now enable/disable features and change Alexa’s response in real-time via admin dashboard page.

Hours of Operation

Do you need to know hotel restaurant hours? Or when other hotel facilities are opened?

“Alexa — ask hotel butler is the pool open today?”

Order Status

Are the hotel staff taking too long? Want to check on that bottle of wine that you ordered twenty minutes ago?

“Alexa — ask hotel butler: What is the status of my orders?”

Wi-Fi Password

What is the first thing you need after you drop your luggage? The Wi-Fi password, of course.

“Alexa — ask hotel butler for the Wi-Fi password”

Cancel Last Order

Did you order something by mistake? Had a change of mind?

“Alexa — ask hotel butler to cancel my last order”

Got an idea for a new feature?

If you have a great idea for a new feature, use the form below to let us know what it is and we will let you know when it becomes available.