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We know that sometimes hardware or appliances break and need fixing. With this latest feature guests can submit an issue directly to maintenance. As always guests have the option to go through the guided process by just asking for help or by telling hotel butler what the issue is:   Alexa, ask Hotel Butler to fix my heater   We think this is a much needed service and are...

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Continuing with the help feature, guests have also the option of asking for help by accessing hotel butler's specific feature. In video we show how guests can order Room Service through the help process.   Alexa, ask Hotel Butler to help me with Room Service   We think our help feature will improve user experience and make it easier for guests to do ordering....

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Our latest feature allows guests to ask for assistance with their luggage. As you can see from the videos above there's a few different ways of asking hotel butler for help with luggage. Those are just a few of many. No matter how guests ask our hotel butler is able to understand and process their request.   Alexa, ask Hotel Butler for the status of my orders   Hope...

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